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Convenient, Comprehensive, Customized Medical Billing Solutions

At Howard Medical Billing, Inc., we believe our office is an extension of yours. We eliminate all costly and time-consuming matters that come with having an in-house billing staff--turnovers, training, and electronic governmental mandates.

Our team in Avon, Indiana provides full-service billing and practice management contract work, including the following:

  • Data Entry of All Demographic, Charges, and Payments
  • Collaborative Measure Between Your Office and Ours Using an EMR Solution
  • Electronic Claim Filing
  • Electronic Remittances
  • Claim Resolution of Rejected Claims (Appeals Filed on Your Behalf)
  • Diligent Insurance and Patient Follow-Up
  • Monthly Patient Statements
  • Toll-Free Phone Number (Available to Your Patients for Billing Clarifications and Excellent Customer Support)
  • Collection Agency Transfer Process Management (For Nonpaying Patients)

Flexible Service Package Options

Here, it’s all about you. As such, we see to it that our services are highly customizable to your business needs. We can remotely access your current data, house your entire billing process, or work concurrently in the same database. For your convenience, we can either work in a traditional paper or more modern paperless environment.

Our team will work closely with you toward common goals—claims resolution, HIPAA compliance, and increased financial stability for your business. Best of all, our fees are based on a percentage of payments collected, so you can rest assured that we’ll do everything to achieve higher patient collection. If you don’t get paid, neither do we.

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